Closing the gap in global cardiac health inequality.

MTIMA's Promise

MTIMA strives..

to promote healthy hearts in Malawi and to empower Malawian healthcare providers through education, community advocacy, and cardiac support services

Our Mission..

is to break down economic and social barriers that prevent equal access to cardiac healthcare globally

Our Vision..

is to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools to transform their own healthcare services and communities for the better



We offer clinicians and students an opportunity to volunteer with us on our global medical mission programs.



Your generous donations directly impact MTIMA's mission and help us achieve our vision.

Delivering Equipment


We graciously accept new, used or refurbished medical equipment to support healthcare infrastructure.


Cardiologist - Scarborough Health Network, Centenary Hospital

"Working closely with MTIMA in Malawi gave me a tremendous learning opportunity with one of the most amazing and eye opening experiences of my life. I loved the group and strongly recommend to everyone of this once in a lifetime opportunity!"

Dr. Bradley Sarak

Staff Physician - Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi

"MTIMA provided me with invaluable experiences and opportunities to advance my education and career. I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to explore MTIMA and learn more about their mission. Thank you, MTIMA, for the unforgettable moments and learning!"

Dr. Emmanuel Mwabutwa

Cardiology Specialty Registrar - University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust, UK

"Experiencing healthcare from a new angle was eye-opening. The staff's enthusiasm and knowledge not only put me at ease but also ignited my passion to deliver exceptional care."

Dr. Vanessa Kandoole
+1 647 633 1030