MTIMA means “heart” in Chichewa, and we are an organization of professionals working to advance cardiovascular program to improve lives in Malawi through medical education, social advocacy, and diagnostic testings.

Our Story

Action with Vision

Malawi, known as "the warm heart of Africa", is a developing Sub-Saharan African country of 18 million people, suffering from lack of healthcare professionals, structured educational programs, and proper testing equipments to diagnose and treat various heart diseases.

Since 2013, MTIMA is helping to develop a structured cardiology program within medical institutions. We've brought over 50 medical volunteers to train more than 200 Malawian physicians, medical students and radiographers in educating cardiology didactics and training echocardiographic skills.

MTIMA is currently working with local partners in clinical and academic institutions in Malawi to develop and design an effective medical education programs. We bring comprehensive cardiology education and innovative diagnostic technology to the most vulnerable communities.

How We Serve


We provide various ways to support our partners with medical education, equipment donation, telemedicine and charities for the programs to flourish, so we can grow together.


We take time with our local partners to optimally strategize the institution's goal to achieve success in medical education and training in diagnostic imaging program.


We help to archive and manage diagnostic images securely with innovative technology, so that practitioners can learn and provide best practice with confidence.


We help to host engaging and meaningful medical education events, so that our partners can have the most enhanced learning experience.


We provide healthcare practitioners with didactic and hands-on echocardiographic training to obtain  optimal diagnostic images for  important clinical decisions.


We are there to provide on-site and virtual cardiology consultation, on clinical results and diagnostic images, and we develop into educational materials for future use.

Meet the Team

Marcello Na

CEO & Co-Founder

Marcello is a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer at Women's College Hospital and St. Michael's Hospital, and a passionate educator in Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography program at Mohawk College. Marcello is dedicated in improving cardiac sonography education and advocating global health services from health informatics' perspective.

David McCarty

CMO & Co-Founder

Dr. McCarty is an associate professor in Western University and served as director of London Health Sciences Centre Echocardiography lab. When David is committee to build capacity for cardiovascular service delivery in developing countries and undertakes regular trips to train the local students and healthcare practitioners in Africa.

Karim Taha

CFO & Co-Founder

Dr. Taha is a cardiologist fellow at the University of Toronto, has always had an interest in global health and international health promotion. Karim has been training at Toronto General Hospital and Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, working closely with Dr. Heather Ross on Digital Cardiovascular Health Platform.‍

Carlos Fernando


Carlos is a clinical research manager at Unity Health Toronto and managing director at Medicus MFC Inc. His combined expertise in medicine, business management, and research supported MTIMA's mission in healthcare operations and efficient organization.

Rianne de Bruin-Bon


Rianne is an experienced sonographer and a researcher in Amsterdam UMC. Rianne was invited to collaborate with MTIMA to work together to provide quality and accessible education for Malawian healthcare practitioners.

Meghan Tucker


Meghan is a Cardiac Sonographer with experience in physical rehabilitation, brain disorders, and a specialization in neuroscience. Meghan is working to develop educational resources to provide quality and accessible education for Malawian healthcare practitioners.

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