MTIMA, meaning “heart” in Chichewa, is a Canadian registered charity and a group of medical professionals dedicated to providing vital cardiovascular services to the people of Malawi.

Our mission is to empower communities in Malawi by bringing and nurturing accessible healthcare.

Together, we strive to create a healthier future for people from all walks of life.

Our Story

Action with Vision

Malawi, often hailed as "the warm heart of Africa," is a developing Sub-Saharan country with a population of 18 million. Within its healthcare system, Malawi faces significant challenges due to a severe shortage of healthcare professionals and inadequate diagnostic equipment.

Since 2013, MTIMA has been actively involved in addressing these pressing issues by spearheading the development of a comprehensive cardiology program within Malawi's medical institutions.

Through our efforts, we have successfully facilitated the training of over 200 Malawian physicians, medical students, and radiographers in cardiology and echocardiographic skills, with the invaluable assistance of more than 50 medical volunteers.

By bridging the gap in expertise and knowledge, we are striving to empower Malawian healthcare providers to deliver quality cardiovascular care to their fellow citizens.

Our collaborative efforts aim to uplift healthcare standards, enhance medical education, and ultimately improve the well-being of the people of Malawi.

Together, we are making a profound impact on the lives of individuals and the future of healthcare in Malawi.

Meet the Team

Marcello Na

CEO & Co-Founder

Marcello is a registered diagnostic cardiac sonographer at Women's College Hospital and St. Michael's Hospital, and a passionate educator in Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography program at Mohawk College. Marcello is dedicated in improving cardiac sonography education and advocating global health services from health informatics' perspective.

David McCarty

CMO & Co-Founder

Dr. McCarty is an associate professor in Western University and served as director of London Health Sciences Centre Echocardiography lab. When David is committee to build capacity for cardiovascular service delivery in developing countries and undertakes regular trips to train the local students and healthcare practitioners in Africa.

Karim Taha

CFO & Co-Founder

Dr Karim Taha is an interventional cardiologist with a passion for the global equalization of healthcare. He volunteered in Malawi prior to co-founding Mtima with David and Marcello. Karim fundraises and facilitates the donation of essential medical equipment from Canadian hospitals to Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Blantyre. He is committed to helping build and support a cardiac service in one of the most underprivileged regions of the world.

Carlos Fernando

Chief Operating Officer

Carlos is a clinical research manager at Unity Health Toronto and managing director at Medicus MFC Inc. His combined expertise in medicine, business management, and research supported MTIMA's mission in healthcare operations and efficient organization.

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