Volunteer Opportunities.

At present, we are only seeking candidates for these particular volunteer roles.

Role Description.


The Ambassador helps spread the word about our group's goals and values. They go to events, talk to people to get support, find partners, and keep communication clear. Their job is to make our group more known and supported.

Content Creator

The Online Medical Education Content Volunteer creates and selects top-notch educational materials on medical topics like aortic stenosis, rheumatic mitral valve disease, cardiomyopathy, electrocardiograms, and anatomy and physiology. This role demands thorough medical knowledge.

Meanwhile, the Social Marketing Content Creator crafts appealing content for social media, using creativity and a sharp sense of social media trends and analytics to boost the organization's online visibility.


The Fundraiser & Donation Coordinator is vital for devising and carrying out fundraising plans and campaigns. This role includes handling donations, connecting with donors, and organizing fundraising events. Main tasks are to create fundraising strategies, collaborate on event planning, oversee donation procedures, foster donor relationships, and monitor fundraising results.

Grant Writer
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The Grant Writer volunteer focuses on finding grant opportunities, crafting proposals, and overseeing grant submissions to secure essential funding for the organization's projects. Responsibilities include researching grants, preparing and submitting proposals, working with the team to collect required data, tracking application progress, and keeping detailed records of grant-related activities.

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