MTIMA Donation & Volunteers

September 21, 2022


healthcare challenges facing Malawi. MTIMA seeks to help Malawi to build sustainable systems for educating, training, equipping and supporting Malawian health care providers.

Stretcher and Wheelchair

MTIMA mission started with a commitment to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and the promotion of a healthy heart for everyone in Malawi. We are dedicated assisting with medical education and to working with Malawian healthcare providers to deliver quality training and diagnostic services to Malawian patients. 

Dr. David McCarty performing echocardiography

MTIMA accepts new, used or refurbished diagnostic medical equipment from medical centers in Canada and/or personal protective equipment to donate to support our mission of elevating healthcare standards in Malawi and our endeavor is to increase these donations and continue to build better programs.

Dr. Karim Taha donates medical supplies
Dr. Karim Taha donated various medical equipment and medications

MTIMA believes that the optimal method of educating Malawian health care practitioners in cardiovascular care lies through medical mission visits.

Malawian Radiographer

MTIMA works with Malawian partners to coordinate visits to Malawian education and health care institutions by groups of committed international medical professionals.

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